We offer: Assessment of latch Evaluation of nipple pain and its causes Management of low milk supply or oversupply Techniques for managing engorgement Troubleshooting feeding And many more services!

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One of the biggest concerns in a new mother’s life is keeping her baby and her self healthy. Many mothers experience uncertainty and unease as they navigate the new world of motherhood. Lactation Station in Bozeman, Montana can help ease mom’s transition and supply her with the necessary knowledge to keep both mommy and baby in good health.

Studies across the world have shown that breast feeding can help lower illnesses and increase a child’s immune system. While highly beneficial, a mother must be sure to evaluate everything properly and follow certain guidelines to avoid any health issues. Your breast milk is specially tailored to your baby and is a vital tool in helping a healthy child develop.

Most commonly, mothers develop nipple pain, deal with low milk and engorgement, and have to train on latching techniques. These are all issues that Lactation Station has dealt with for many years, and what better way to learn than to hear it from a knowledgeable source? We won’t give you books to read and homework to complete, but we will teach you about the ins and outs of breastfeeding and infant health.

Emily Marks and Lactation Station will help you learn various techniques to troubleshoot any pain, problems or issues that may arise. Before you begin, make an educated decision and give us a call. We will help you learn how to conquer any problems that may arise with the  gift of becoming a new mother.

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